Cataclysmic Disasters

Gather together a group of people and in time you’ll have a civilization. Every civilization is subject to the rise and fall of power and history. Every civilization must, at some point, meet with calamity and either muddle through or disintegrate. Some of these momentous events are natural: earthquakes, floods, drought. Others are brought about by human hands: war, famine, fire, disease. Loss of life can be great – those killed by a May 2008 earthquake in China are expected to exceed 50,000 – or a single person.

So. Pick a disaster. Any one will do – you’ve got plenty of options from history – and tell us about it. Who, what, when, where, why, how. Reach into antiquity and report on the Fall of Troy. Perhaps you want to do something more modern, like the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Treat this as a way to introduce history to someone who has never heard of the event before. Also, tell us why you chose that particular story to tell.

– Suzi (k00kaburra)

History of Around the World

This journal is about history around the world and about the cities and towns in USA. My son is learning about different places this year in school. I thought it would be interesting to fill the journal with history of where people live.


Queering History (what if…) (Birthday Books Vol 31 of 41)

What if the Mayflower had been filled with pilgrims of another kind, fleeing persecution of a different kind and colony’s first invasion of “settlers” were building a brave new queer world? What if Santa were gay? Or Dracula? What if Jesus were a lesbian? Imagine an event or person and change history. Invent new gayer holidays, religions, countys, customs. What if… you let your crazy queer imagination out of the box?

When the pages of this journal are filled, please return it to bookmooch user: zenfish. Thank you.

RE: Birthday Books vol 1-41. I was very excited to read about the bookmooch journal project as I usually celebrate my birthday with art/performance art madness related to the number in question. In August I will be a delightful 41 years wild. I have purchased 41 blank journals and am giving each individual themes. When all the wayward art has winged its way home to me, I look forward to a local celebration to share and enjoy these books with friends.