Walk Like an Egyptian

Ancient Egypt was a topic everyone looked forward to studying when I was in elementary school. We got to build a pyramid, mummify chickens, and learn about all these crazy animal-headed gods and goddesses.

The initial Egypt craze never wore off. I am still fascinated by that country’s history. Whether it’s a lecture about their gods and goddesses or a study of the dynasties of the Middle Kingdom, and I always eager to learn more. So this is a journal for all the others out there who never “got over” Ancient Egypt. Write in it, draw it, share your theories about how the pyramids were built or what you would want to bring with you if you were to be mummified and placed in a pyramid!

– k00kaburra (Suzi)

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Egyptian Dreams (Birthday Books Vol 36 of 41)

This is the perfect place to purge your Cleopatra fetish! Or collage an archeological dig. Whether you choose graffiti in heiroglyphs or create a visual altar to Osiris or write a modern page in the egyptian book of the dead, here is the place to let your ka soar!

When the pages of this journal are filled, please return it to bookmooch user: zenfish. Thank you.

RE: Birthday Books vol 1-41. I was very excited to read about the bookmooch journal project as I usually celebrate my birthday with art/performance art madness related to the number in question. In August I will be a delightful 41 years wild. I have purchased 41 blank journals and am giving each individual themes. When all the wayward art has winged its way home to me, I look forward to a local celebration to share and enjoy these books with friends.


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