The Story of Us: First Dates

This is the second journal in a trilogy I am making. Journal about the first date you and your special someone had. Where were you? What were you wearing? Can you remember the day? Tell us the fun (or maybe not so fun) details. This book is for any couple married, engaged, young, old, etc. Please care for this journal as if it were your own. Pass it along the way after you have finished and try to finish within the 2 week period (standard journaling).

Please relist on BookMooch under this title that I have created so that it can be tracked.

And for the last person who completes the journal please return to auburnkelly.

Thank you and happy journaling!

– Kelly

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Romantic Dates of Life

A romantic date is one of the foundations of a good relationship. It is the time to sit and actually talk with one another, perhaps under candlelight, Under a moonlit night, Under the stars at your favorite campsite, In the midst of hundreds of people at an ice skating rink, Or a simple homemade dinner for two.

This is your time to share with your Bookmooch friends how and why your romantic night meant so much.

All I ask is to not to change anyone’s work, or write over it, or cover it up. Keep within the two week time limit, and then post it to have some one else mooch it.

When this journal is full, please send it back to: Debbie Hoggan