Beach Wisdom

Do you have some beach wisdom to share with us? Tell us anything about the beach. Do you have a favorite beach vacation destination? Show us pictures, art, collages. Get creative and provide some sand and shells for us! Is there a place you ever visited which settled deep inside you? Please, tell us about it!

Please keep in the 2 week frame and send it on it’s way. Also, please respect others work!


When book is full, please contact me and I will mooch the journal back. BMid: BookActivist85

This journal was lost in a house move.

A Beach Guide

I love the beach! I’d like to hear about your favorite beach and its location and tell why you enjoy it so much! Make me want to visit!! What are your favorite activities, restaurants, beach stories, pictures, art – whatever you’d like! Just please respect other entries!


Stalled since January 2010 with inactive journaller.

Life’s a Beach

This is a book dedicated to the Ocean. Please fill it with Memories, Pictures, Stories, Poems, Creatures that live in the ocean real or imagined, Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Songs, Quotes, etc. Any medium goes.

If you live by the Ocean, please add a little bit of sand, or flat object like a shell in the baggie provided. You can still mooch if you don’t live by the Ocean.

Please only keep for 2 weeks and pass this journal to another bookmoocher. If you think it might take you longer, please do not participate with this journal. Please do not destroy,change, or remove someone else’s work.

Have fun!!!


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