H for coming out tonight

I decided to create this new series of alphabetic journals when I found that quite a few of the original series are missing. H is for was lost and is the eighth new one created. I have used the versions of the cockney alphabet familiar to both Mark and me from our childhoods in London.
Any pictures, words, drawings beginning with the letter H are fine. I am putting few pages in to keep them initially light for posting, and I will mooch back and add more pages and put a weight with the review date each time to give an indication for moochers.
Please keep no more than two weeks and add it to your inventory using the number shown here, or click Mooched on your home page and click Give to the right of the journal name. If you may forget to relist do it when you receive it and reserve it for yourself for up to 2 weeks! It is such a shame when series get broken – so check your requester is a current friend of the Bookmooch Journal Library Charity, and if they are not ask them to apply to become a friend. Only constant defaulters will be barred.
Please see the bmjl bio for information about journals and journalling.
This one is H for coming out tonight? (ain’t you coming out tonight?). Have fun!

Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.

bmjl Bookmooch Journal Library Charity

H for coming out tonight00


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