Tickets please! – music of all sorts

This is a BookMooch journal, the first in a “tickets please!” series. This journal varies slightly in format from other BM journals in that while contributors should not alter other journallers’ contributions, they are encouraged to comment on them.
For example, in this “music of all sorts” journal, please contribute a concert ticket or entry band and then comment on the event. If when you receive this journal someone else has contributed about a concert that you actually attended (the odds are very slight) or for a group you’ve seen (better odds) or at a venue you’ve attended (the odds must be better still!), then please comment on that event’s page. Please also feel free to comment if someone else has been lucky enough to attend an event you’ve always wanted to go to! Please, however, do not deface or alter someone else’s contribution.
This journal has been created by Jacquie Clegg-Hullah (BMid jacquiegatine) who retains right of ownership.
Please relist the journal within two weeks of receipt, and whilst being prepared to send onwards promptly, only accept requests for journals from friends of the Journal Library. If your moocher is unknown to you, please check that they understand what journalling is and will keep the journals circulating.