ff is for…

I decided to create a new series of alphabetic journals when I found that quite a few of the original series are missing. Since I live in Wales where some English letters are redundant, but a number of extras are used I decided to include the Welsh sounds!
They may be more of a challenge to illustrate – some never come at the beginning even of Wesh words!
Any pictures, words, drawings beginning* with the given letter are fine. I am putting few pages in to keep them initially light for posting, and I will mooch back and add more pages and put a weight with the review date each time to give an indication for moochers. * I should have said using the given letters!
Please keep no more than two weeks and add it to your inventory using the number shown here, or click Mooched on your home page and click Give to the right of the journal name. If you may forget to relist, then do it when you receive it and reserve it for yourself for up to 2 weeks! It is such a shame when series get broken – so check your requester is a current friend of the Bookmooch Journal Library Charity, and if they are not ask them to apply to become a friend. Only constant defaulters will be barred.
This one is ff is for… Mwynheuwch!

Gill T. , Cymru/Wales, May 2012
bmjl Bookmooch Journal Library Charity.

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  1. I’m terribly embarrassed to ask this… But I just discovered the journals project today and would like to participate, but keep seeing the “become a friend of the bookmooch journal library charity” and I cannot figure out how to do that. I’ve searched the charities on the bookmooch site and no luck. Any advice? I’d rather not mess this up just as I’m starting.

    • Just clicking ‘Browse’ on your Bookmooch homepage, then selecting the sixth tag down ‘Members’ and putting in bmjl will take you to the Bookmooch Journal Library Charity page. (If it takes you to the inventory click ‘Bookmooch Journal Library Charity’ at the top of the page).
      Click email on the far right under the globe logo with the red spot near Antarctica and you can send a mail directly.
      Since you have made contact through the journal site I will mail you directly anyway!

    • Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I just figured out how to respond to these posts! But I have only relatively recently inherited Journal Library And I can’t promise how soon I’ll make it back again. If you have an account on the bookmooch website then you just have to find a “friend” button or link (maybe best from your bio page) and then type bmjl into the Add a Friend box and click “Add Friend”

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