Cold As Ice volume two

This book is a follow up to k00kaburra’s BMJournal: Cold As Ice which was completed and returned to her in 2010. It is a “celebration of chilling, cooling color! Every image or word written here must be in the palette of winter – blue, green, deep shadowy purples, you get the idea! – whether it be a collage or cohesive image.
Everything ice is perfectly nice here! Set your frosty fingers to work and see what you create!
I hope it will be as attractive when finished as the first volume was reputed to be. It never got to me although I had requested it when told it was full, so after a long gap I have decided to start book 2 myself!
Please relist ONLY on Bookmooch and keep for no more than two weeks before relisting. Only send to journallers with the bmjl logo in their friends list. Slow journals can be requested to be mooched by your local BM library shelf if stuck for three months. Please don’t mooch when you have no time to make an entry or are moving etc.. Journals should be enjoyed by all.
Gill T. tennantfamily: U.K.

To see the slideshow click the blue underlined link in the journal description above.

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