Aliens, Ghosts and other Strange Phenomenon – Déjà vu

This is the second try for this journal – the first one disappeared! (kept by a moocher or are there other powers at work…)

Everyone has had strange experiences – whether you’ve seen a flying saucer or UFO, been visited by a ghost or just had a creepy feeling. Share your stories, photos or interpretations here with us!!

Any medium is fine – just don’t alter the work of others. You can, though, feel free to help decorate the cover and end pages. Have fun with it!!

Much work and love goes into creating a journal. It’s very sad when one becomes lost or is kept by someone other than the creator. Please make sure to keep the journal circulating! If you cannot re-list, please contact me and I’ll mooch from you.

When full, please return to jfit, (address in journal). Or contact me and I’ll mooch it!!

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