The Life and Times of the Mighty T. Rex

Yes. You read the title correctly. This journal is devoted to Tyrannosaurus rex. Just draw whatever you like(As long as it’s a)T. rex themed and b) safe for kids to see!) Have your kids draw some, too. Include a note on why you drew what you drew. What were you thinking at the time? Use as many pages as you like. Include the artist and the date, and then pass it on!
Only for recirculation on

Here’s how it works:
1. Request my journal
2. Recieve, and add your own entry
3. Pass it on

Easy enough. Please don’t alter anyone else’s work. Once you receive it from someone, mark it as “recieved.” At the same time, please add the journal to your own inventory, so it’ll be visible to other Bookmoochers(Using the ISBN on the inside cover). This will speed up the flow. Please resend this book within two weeks upon receiving.

Is the book full? Contact me at


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