Transport through Postcards

This journal contains postcards depicting various methods of transport. Use the page facing the postcard to write, draw or tell a story about modes of transport you know about or have encountered. I have left a few blank leafs where you may insert a postcard showing transport of your own if you wish.
Please make sure you relist by the number shown opposite within two weeks of receipt, and whilst being prepared to send onwards promptly, only accept requests for journals from friends of the journal library. If your moocher is unknown to you, please check that they understand what journalling is and will keep journals circulating.
Enquiries and pictures for inclusion in the slideshows of the journals on their Bookmooch pages can be sent to
The need for repairs, or request for me to mooch when full, should be to

Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 

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