Through A Glass, Alcohol

“Through A Glass, Alcohol — A journal of stories through drink” is a journal that starts off with a label or a marker of an alcohol and moves on to the story associated with that particular bottle of beer, wine, homebrew or spirit.
Alcohol is a part of many of our stories. Some times it’s no more than in the background, a casual observer of our social nights. Some times it plays a more sinister role, some times it enables.

Tell the story of your bottle, of your night.
From the journal:

“This journal is meant to be a pairing of labels — beer, wine, hard liquor, whatever one drinks — and the stories that they were a part of. Sometimes the stories are mundane. Sometimes sad, sometimes evil, sometimes great, sometimes unbelievable.
Tell us a story!”

When this journal is complete please reserve it for me (and notify me) (userID: wheelerc) and I will mooch it back from you. If you are unable to complete the journal within time or have any issues with it please contact me here and I’ll mooch it back again.



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