Wonders of nature.

This journal is for things that make you go “Wow” in nature, whether these are shown as photographs, drawings, or descriptions or stories of natural phenomena.

I have chosen to use a photograph my younger son took a few years ago for the front cover, and one my husband took a few days ago for the back cover. We are lucky enough to live in beautiful surroundings, with nature right up to, sometimes inside, the doors. But wonders of nature come in all sizes and forms, so interpret the title as you wish.

Journallers take a lot of time and effort to create journals for others to enjoy. Please pass this one on promptly by relisting it by its BM number on Bookmooch. Check out the person who requests it fom you understands about journalling, or refer them to the urls I give on the bookmark enclosed here before accepting the request.

If more pages, or repairs are needed or you have any queries please email me at tennantfamiy:UK on Bookmooch or contact bmjournals@gmail.com When full, mail me and I will mooch it back. Photos or scans can be sent to bmjournals@gmail to be added to the slideshow on the journal site.

Gill T. tennantfamily

Click on the blue underlined link in the journal description to see the slideshow. 


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