Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

This is a Bookmooch journal waiting to be filled with things that great people have said. Whatever quote you find worth remembering – whether it’s by a celebrity or a friend of yours – please share with us and illustrate!

A few rules for journaling:

1) Use as many pages as you want for your entry, but don’t alter anyone else’s work.

2) I suggest you relist this journal on your inventory immediately after marking it received (since you’ll already be on Bookmooch anyway :)) – this will make the journal available as soon as possible for other moochers, and remind you to make an entry. Don’t worry about time pressure – you can always tell a moocher that it will take you a little longer to send out their book.

3) When the book is full, please contact me (BmId: hanhel; hanhel@gmail.com), and I will mooch it back to you. If you are having trouble getting the book back out to someone, feel free to contact me as well, I will try to find a solution.

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