Women who inspire us.

On 8th March International Women’s Day is celebrated, so I began to create this journal. This is a place to celebrate a woman who has had a profound influence on you – please restrict your entry to one woman per journaller.

The UN global theme for 2011 IWD 2011: Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women. The 2011 aims of the UK, Welsh Assembly Government: Bridging the Generational Gap.

Write about a woman you know or knew whilst growing up, or someone ina field of interest who inspired you. Whether it be Marie Curie or the school crossing patrol lady just write about who and what inspired you about this person or what they achieved.

Please remember time and effort are invested in journals by their creator and journallers. Send the journal onwards by keeping within the two weeks guideline for making an entry, relisting and sending promptly. Make sure the person mooching from you understands their obligations as a journaller.The journal forum is a good place to advertise journals you have: http://bookmooch.com/m/forum/bookmooch_journals/

and these two urls are worth consulting:

The_BookMooch_Journal_Project site page about how journalling works: https://bookmoochjournals.com/about/

the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:


Gill T. tennantfamily:U.K.


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