Eat Poop You Cat – Vol. 2

This is an interactive Bookmooch journal based on the party game “Eat Poop You Cat” (a.k.a. Paper Telephone). This is how it works:
1) Receive the journal, mark it received on Bookmooch. I suggest you already relist it on your inventory at this point as well.

2) Open it on the first page after the paper clips and look at what the last persons entry.

3) a. If it’s a picture, write one sentence describing what you see on the picture on the next double page. Obviously feel free to illustrate, however be careful not to give the next person any clues on how to turn your sentence into a picture. b. If it’s a sentence, illustrate the sentence with a picture on the next double page. Don’t repeat the sentence (or parts of it) though, so that the next person has to interpret by themselves.

4) You may now remove the paper clips and look at how the original contribution has evolved. Before sending the journal along, though, put all pages before your entry back together with the paper clips. (This now includes one more page than when you got it, since you are also covering the last person’s entry.)

5) All of this shouldn’t take you longer than two weeks.

Now, if you haven’t done it yet, relist the journal and send it along promptly when somebody asks for it.

When the journal is full, please contact me (BmId: hanhel; so that I can mooch it back from you.
This journal is meant to travel together with Volume 1 of “Eat Poop You Cat” ( One of them starts with a picture, the other with a sentence, and I wanted each moocher to be able to add both words an illustrations.

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