Lost causes.

I like to think that once I have set my hand to something I continue until the task is completed. Often others see this as a form of stubbornness bordering on stupidity, my Aries ram battering its head on an impenetrable wall, an exercise in futility.
Do you have an personal or historical example of supporting a lost cause? Often a moral compulsion will drive the person or group of people to keep on fighting long beyond any hope of victory. Many martyrs are in this category, but also many people who might be regarded as throwing away their life, their freedom, their wealth or their comfort for a cause which is hopeless. Please use as many or few pages as you like to share a personal or historic example with us.

My bio details list my journalling guidelines, please read them!

Do not alter anyone else’s work.

Relist and resend promptly, and be prepared to send wherever requested.

Please get in tounch with me (tennantfamiy:U.K.) if the journal needs repair, or extra pages added, or you cannot make an entry because ‘life’ has intervened. I can arrange to mooch it back or have it sent onwards and returned to you point-free at a later time to be agreed.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal was kept by a moocher who has been inactive for a year and does not respond to emails.


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