Anything and everything Welsh / Cymru am byth!

Anything and everything Welsh / Cymru am byth! is a journal for anything or anything Welsh or to do with Wales (the country not the marine mammal! ;-)) This is just the start of a series to be created by different journalers in many lands. Anything goes, but respect the work of others.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal has now been recovered and is back in circulation. Please take care of it – I don’t wish to lose it! 

Anything Welsh Cover

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Anything and Everything Scots/ Lang may yer lum reek!

A journal for Anything and Everything Scots. Feel free to include anything the title inspires you to, whether it be art, pictures, writing, poetry etc. Take a few pages if you need to but within reason.

Please mooch and then relist within 2 weeks. Please don’t alter any other moocher’s work. When full please contact Rosie BM ID: dissidence (UK) to be remooched by me.


Super “steps”

I bought this silk-covered Nepalese book with its hand-made pages, to create a journal to give to my step-granddaughter on her 18th birthday in September 2012. It is a place to put happy memories of relationships you have experienced between children and their step-parents or parents and their step-children or grandchildren in step-relationships. Let’s dispel the fairy-story wicked step-mother or step-father myth and replace it with some real-life relationships that developed well and happily! Please respect the work of other moochers and reserve it for me to mooch it back in good time to give it to her for her September 2012 birthday please!

-Gill (tennantfamily)

Super Steps Cover

Grand memories of grandparents

I have created this journal in a small silk-covered Nepalese book with hand-made pages. It is for my granddaughter, and I want to give it to her on her 21st birthday in July 2012. It is a place to put memories, drawings and stories etc. about grandfathers and grandmothers. Please respect the work of others, and make sure it is reserved for me to arrive here at the latest by June 2012.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

The second moocher seems to have posted this from Germany to the US in April but it has not arrived. I am really sad as it was to be a gift for my granddaughter.

Grand memories of Cover

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