Keep buttoned up…

This journal has grown out of an incident that occured in the early 1970s, when I was sent out as the youngest-looking teacher with the Deputy Head of the Junior School where I taught, to scrounge resources from local businesses and factories. This was my second great catch (after enough (lumpy) glue from the suitcase factory to last the entire school more than three years), and was a dustbin sack full of tiny buttons. The shirt factory had just abandoned making shirts with button-down collars and the tiny buttons were no longer required. The school presented me with a hatbox full when I left to have my second son, and over the last 35 years I have gradually sorted, boxed and sold many thousands on Ebay to dollmakers, cardmakers and craftspeople. Part of my advertising was to create pictures from the buttons.

This ‘book’ is made from an A5 size spiral-bound, plastic-covered notebook and is called “Keep buttoned up…”, and available for Bookmoochers who would like to create their own button-art. It is specifically for scanned or photographed button-art or computer paint-program virtual-button art.

I have already created a companion journal called “All buttoned up…” for sewn button-art, with pages made of material sewn into a book-form, for sewn examples using buttons.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

All attempts to recover this journal for the last two years have failed.


One Response

  1. My recipe for button-art.
    Draw an outline on a plastic sheet.
    Place the sheet on the scanner bed.
    Fill the outline with appropriately-coloured buttons.
    Print and add to book!
    Shoot buttons back to button-box!

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