(A)Typical Situation

“Nothing about us without us!” cries the famous populist mantra. This slogan has, in many ways, become the motto of the disability community for its assertion that no policy should be adopted or enacted by any individual without direct participation from the affected group.

As a disabled individual, I have a deep-seeded interest in accounts dealing with others who are marginalized, oppressed, or discriminated against by society. However, in my search for texts, I have found a dismally higher number of volumes about disabled individuals, rather than by disabled individuals. Thus the creation of this text.

Anyone is free and welcome to mooch this book, but I ask that no secondhand accounts be written here. This is a text created by those who are disabled. There are plenty of others available about the effect of disabilities on families, friends, and loved ones.

Regardless of your disability, feel free to contribute to this book in any way that you see fit. All I ask is that you tell us your story with honesty and candor and allow others to share in your personal journey in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Please do /not/ in any way alter or deface the stories of others. Turnaround for this book should be at two weeks, tops. If you are unable to produce your own work in that time frame, please either refrain from mooching or release the book back out until you are able to make your contribution.

When the book is full, contact namid at BookMooch and I will mooch it back to you.


This journal is not travelling – both creator and recipient have been absent from the site for over a year.

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