The Art of Chinese Paper Folding

Card-reinforced paperback notebook with passepartout spine and paper cover.
Amongst our collection of books we found this quarter completed notebook of Chinese paper-folding designs.
It came to us part-completed, by one of our ancestors. We do not know who the original author was. It seems ideal for BMers to add their own or designs known to them. Eventually we hope to re-release it as a completed book of 34 double pages plus 5 page introduction and an index and list of contributors. The photo example is a design by Gill’s father made for a Christmas display at his library. Although the title refers to Chinese Paper Folding,  I would be happy for it to include original designs or designs of other ethnic origins.

-Gill (tennantfamily)

This journal was mooched by Laura James:U.K. laurajames and relisted but several requests later it still has not been sent onwards.

The Chinese Cover


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