A Blast from the Past!

A Blast from the Past! is an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane without having to leave the comfort of your Lazy Boy! Take a few minutes to go back in time. Think of something or someone that was once so familiar, yet over the years has become outdated or simply pushed aside for something new but not necessarily improved. It could be a family member, cartoon character, movie, TV show, gadget, car, household item, event, activity….

Jot down your Blast and the memories it holds for you. Be creative. Pictures and sketches are welcomed! Of course, one person’s past may be someone else’s antiquity, so it will be interesting to compare what different generations consider a Blast.

The rules are simple. Keep it G/PG rated. Don’t change someone else’s entry. Include your BM ID, country, and date with your entry. Keep it only 2 weeks then put back in your inventory for mooching. When it’s full, contact mmb(NJ) and I’ll mooch it back from you.

This journal was kept by a moocher in March 2009, who has been away from Bookmooch for almost two years and her email address has bounced. 







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