Posting Bookmoocher’s Secrets!

This journal is part of the Bookmooch Journal Project. After you mooch and receive this book, please register your mooch at bookcrossing, and then be prepared to reveal your great(est) secret to fellow bookmoochers! Frank Warren’s hit series of “post secret” books inspired this journal, and I’m sure many fellow bookmoochers have some great secrets they are just dying to share with someone! So sit down with this funky journal, bare your soul and share your deepest and darkest secrets (or a lighter secret, if you feel so inclined) while enjoying reading the secrets of other bookmoochers. No need to sign your real name here, just use your bookmooch username as your signature at the end (providing you with at least some mere shadow of anonymity!). Log in your catch on bookcrossing, and then set the book free again to pass on to another bookmoocher!

– Hebamashundi

One Response

  1. Creator’s account closed.
    Katie (USA: IA) mooched it Jan. 2008 but is inactive and failed to send it to the requestor. Presumed lost?

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